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Sugaring Available at Threads & Co

At Threads & Co, we are one of the UK number one sugaring salons servicing hundreds of clients each month.

The Benefits of Sugaring

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Natural Ingredients

Sugaring consists of natural ingredients which don’t irritate the skin or lay open to allergies whilst providing long lasting results.

Kind to Skin

Our sugaring paste only removes the hair and dead skin cells resulting in soft smooth skin.

Long Lasting Results

Sugaring removes unwanted hair all the way from its roots with its unique combination of ingredients.

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Sugaring at Threads & Co

Our Sugaring products are a very exclusive brand. The secret ingredient is Xylitol which is a natural sugar alcohol found in the bark of a tree native to Finland and is present in all Sugaring Pastes.

Sugaring is so Natural you can eat it with the benefits of it being antibacterial and Soothing on the skin.

All our therapists are fully trained and specialise in the art of Sugaring - offering you the best painless treatment for the most amazing results

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Sugaring at Threads & Co

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